Sunday, June 21, 2009


I think if i died tomorrow (god forbid), i would die complete. Last night was one of the craziest nights of my life, i crossed off about 3 things from my "bucket list" in a matter of hours. My night in 3 words: Tattoos. Hookah. Strippers. Yes, strippers. ;)

Results of my wild girl's night out, a tiny little peace sign on my right ankle. A tattoo. Wow. How surreal is that? The night started with us getting tattoos at "my tattoo shop." We walked in, considered it, and then decided "why not?" The tattoo artists made fun of us for how itty bitty teeny tiny our tattoos were, but to be honest, i feel pretty cool no matter how small they are ;)

After we thanked the tattoo artists for all their HARD work (psshh is took no longer than 5 minutes) The girls and i headed to the Hard Rock to a little hookah place. It is true, hookah tasted yummy. There was a show, provided by 2 really awesome belly dancers, one of which ate fire while balancing a sword on her head. (ok maybe not the two at the same time, but she did do it seperatly) We ordered falafels and had a blast. :)

Finally, for the cherry on top, we went to Club Madonna's. Supposedly the hottest strip club on south beach, but it was LAME. It is a lot smaller than what you think and the dancers don't know what they are doing. There was only one that my friends and i did not get a good laugh from, and that was Brown Suga'. She was flipping and twisting and doing all these crazy tricks like there was no tomorrow, all while wearing 6 inch stripper heels. I was impressed :)

We got home around four o' clock only to search for an open Mcdonalds (who apparently dont have the dollar menu on their late night menu. schvat?) and eat!! We finally went to bed at 6, by that time, everyone was bambooshed and tired. Some wild night..

Oh there are no pictures because no one thought of bringing a camera :/ what is that?

Monday, June 15, 2009

...And the living is easy..

Maybe a little TOO easy. Summertime, almost every one's favorite time of the year, the weather is great, kids take a break from school, and majority of America hits the gym. Yes, summer is a great season, unless you live in South Florida. Summer=Heat Stroke down here, and majority of the tourists don't seem to get that :/ Just now i decided to enjoy the beautiful view my mom's apartment has to offer and i got rained out after 5 minutes. Lovely. It's like the rain knows what you plan to do for the day and it's only mission is to ruin those plans. :) Gotta love summer. <3

No but seriously, summer is a great time, you get to hang out with friends you dont often and its the perfect time to relax, to take life one step at a time. You have all the time in the world!! (Until you go back to work/school) You can read books you have been meaning to read, train a puppy, or a favorite, get into shape. Yes summer in South Florida can be a beautiful time, up until 3:00 pm. So enjoy it while you can :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Facebook Username Countdown!

It was like New Year's all over again, only hold the sparkling apple cider and the poppers. It was a countdown like no other, the nerves building up as the time went down :) I was there, watching the timer, just to get the username i wanted, just to beat all the other 70 Catalina Garcia's out there. It finally came down to 30 seconds, time to prep. TIMES UP! phew, success. The name that i wanted is now mine :D

Friday, June 12, 2009


Just trying to figure out how this email linking works :)

Ethos Water.

I haven't updated my blog in quite a while, so im not too sure what to write about? I am currently at my mom's house in miami beach, taking care of my crazy puppy. The pro's to being here are the great view from my mom's apartment, Charley, and spend more time with my mom. The con's: I'm uber far from all my friends and my job, so no one wants to come visit me :(

My friend Kinti on the other hand is a different story, she slept over and i showed her my mom's new apartment and Lincoln Road and it was fun. This morning we went to starbucks for breakfast and they had cheese!! Yum! So i decided to have that and a bottle of water, but the water is so EXPENSIVE. I figured, ok whatever, it's for a good cause. Then I read the back of the label and its says "for every bottle purchased, starbucks will donate .05 cents for clean water to children in Africa" FIVE CENTS?? seriously? For a 2.50 bottle of water.. cheapos. Thats my story for the day, if I figure out something else to write about, I shall update again :)

(oh and sorry for never finishing the Europe blog, we had to pay for internet in the hotel in London, and then i just got lazy <3)