Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oh.. Baby...?

I felt like i was just slapped in the face with a bear hat. On my defense, everyone has had the same reaction. I received the lovely new yesterday, (im actually not sure if it's lovely yet?) that my father and his girlfriend are pregnant, mind you my parents divorced almost 3 years ago. Yes a bit soon, but my father's time clock is ticking.

Shocking isnt it? At least to me it is. As an only child and at the age of nineteen, i had accepted that i will never have any siblings and will always and forever be an only child. Well, quite a change in plans, don't you agree? I am going to have a half sister, or brother, sibling i suppose, who is going to be much younger than i. Not exactly how i pictured having a younger sibling when i was 11. Now, please don't get me wrong, i'm happy for my dad and his girlfriend, this is all just a bit shocking.

I'm at the point in my life where i am beginning to spread my wings and leave the comfort of the nest, starting my own life, when now, i have a baby sibling tying me down? boo. I'm really not one for diaper changes ( i cant even properly spell diaper without spell check). My dad says that I will always be his little girl, but even at my age I can't help but feel a bit of competition. He kept saying how he is going to take advantage and do everything with this baby that he never did with me (camping..?) so yes i do feel a bit threatened by such a new life.

My family always said (jokingly of course) that i was getting much too old and they were going to trade me in for someone younger, well there you go.

Yay....? Baby!....? I'm not sure how i feel about it yet, happy for my lovely and loving father yes, but, im just still in quite a state of shock. D: I do promise to treat it right and love it, but let me have some time to adjust. Ultimate plot twist in the winding story of my life. x

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dare I say it?

hipster (n.)- young, recently settles urban adults and teenagers with interest in non-mainstream fashion, culture, and music. Hipster is a label that should not be uttered from your very lips if you have any sense of pride and vain. Yet when did i become- dare i say it- a hipster (shudder)?

This very concept has come falling on the my lap twice, coincidentally, in the same place; Dairy Queen. My first encounter with being called a hipster came from a fragile, a bit senile, old lady who bared the accent of a Brooklyn-er. She noticed my Valou ring as i was handing her her change from an overpriced blizzard, that could possibly cause her to have her heart clogged with just one bite, when she recited "Oh you hipsters and your quirky jewelery", at least something along those lines. I though nothing of it and took it neither as a compliment nor insult.

My second brush with such word came but merely two days ago, when the brightness of two pre-teen girls dressed in nothing but abercrombie nearly made me go blind. The aura that these two girls had made me just want to ralph all over their over priced, name brand shirt. They gave me a look of disgust as i was wearing my granny glasses (<3) while serving them. "Bimbos" i thought to myself. Although the "h" word was never said, it was very implied by their glares.

When did i become such a thing? I use to go bonkers by merely walking by stores like hollister and A&F, not to mention walking in. And now the mere thought of those dark, smelly stores make me want to quiver from disgust. They are just walking clones, wearing tiffany charm necklaces and sporting the same shirt in 4 different colors. No thank you.

At dinner last night, my friend confirmed my suspicions when i asked her and her reply was a very blunt "you are."Lovely. Either way, i am who i am (not what). Now i'm off to find something really deck. x


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sixteen Pink Breakfasts.

So I must admit that i dedicated an entire day to lying in my pajamas and till about 5 in the afternoon watching the John Hughes and Molly Ringwald movies; Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Pretty in Pink. It made me wonder, these movies are classic for a reason, they just don't make teen movies like that anymore.

Movies today in order to appeal to the teen demographic has to have sex and blood and these movies have neither. It's as if someone (john hughes in this case) went through the rigmarole of taking the 80's, wrapping it into 3 years and writing three brilliant movies out of them, with all the innocent rock n roll glory that was once the 80's.

Molly Ringwald, i have decided, is my new idol. For one thing she is stupidly beautiful, and so normal in her movies that its absolutely prodigious. Her lovely red hair and natural plump lips make her a definite beauty. Love. x.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

fly me to the moon

There is nothing better than a cloudless, blue sky, cool day. Yes I live in Florida, however the temperature seldom drops below 100 F so cool blue days come to us very rarely. Yesterday was one of those days. How can anyone be indoors on a day like that? Following my own advice i took a lovely stroll to, dare i say it, the playground. What fun it was! My dear old friend the swing set and i became reunited and swinging through the air was how i spent my day. The air roughing up my hair, the rust of the chains causing blisters to my hands, my feet touching the ground below since i was a bit over the height limit; pure euphoria. Its certainly is the closest thing we as humans have to flying. x

Thursday, November 26, 2009



Dingos and hiccups

Went off to search for sleep and i couldnt find it. Oh well. I do hope my dingo Charley will be able to sleep over my obnoxiously loud and somewhat painful hiccups. i shall try again to find sleep, they say third time is the charm right? "They" have yet to fail me so in them lies my trust. goodnight again. x

Late night thinking.

The Tylenol i took about 2 hours ago still hasnt kicked in. The box labeled as night cold medicine seems to have deceived me yet again. I need something to pass the time as thoughts of sleep creep into my mind (unfortunately not yet). Once again, I turn to the god sent machine we humans like to call a macbook. As i surf the endless waves, links, pages of google, i find myself turning back to one search topic; Alexa Chung. I've realized i have a bit of an obsession with her, not in the creepy stalker way. She really is the coolest person alive, her effortless style, her lovely job and not to mention the great fish she has caught (or should i say monkey? arctic.) Yes, its true, she is the epitome of cool, and she is who i want to be when i grow up. My teacher and mentor tells me you should never want to be someone, but i disregard his advice. I want to be Alexa Chung. However, i scorn myself for admitting this. It's quite pathetic really, drooling over someone who i will most likely never meet. Oh well.

I tried to pull myself away from the countless pictures of Alexa all over the web by closing my laptop and turning off the lights, but the attraction was much too strong and i caved like weak knees. At this point in the night, my mind is not just filled with thoughts of the lovely ms. Alexa, but of other things. Writing this is one for example. Sleep has yet to knock on my door, so i will keep writing.

I have a friend. Her name is Dawn. She is pretty rad. The average indie, music loving, band tshirt wearing girl with unatural red hair that she seems to pull off effortlessly. At first glance, the 4'9'' seems a bit cold, but things change once you put her in defrost mode. Especially when it comes to her breast cancer beating mother. She has a love for her, the kind of love you have when you almost lose something you never appreciated until you actually lost it. She is one of the coolest people i know and i love her dearly.

Shitsticks. i have the hiccups. Who gets hiccups at 4 in the morning? Apparently people who stay up that late and write blogs. They always say, if you want something, go out and get it rather than laying around (in my case in bed). I will do just that. Im going to find sleep myself rather than letting it come to me. Maybe i will try counting sheep? Curse you Tylenol. x


Friday, November 13, 2009

questions. so many questions

Well, now that it has been about 3 months in the engineering program here on campus, i am starting to re think my decision. Im actually starting to rethink my choice of school? Miami just isnt for me, not my type of city. But where to go? suggestions would be quite helpful. I guess in the meantime i will just stop procrasting and get on with the design projects i dont want to do..


Sunday, June 21, 2009


I think if i died tomorrow (god forbid), i would die complete. Last night was one of the craziest nights of my life, i crossed off about 3 things from my "bucket list" in a matter of hours. My night in 3 words: Tattoos. Hookah. Strippers. Yes, strippers. ;)

Results of my wild girl's night out, a tiny little peace sign on my right ankle. A tattoo. Wow. How surreal is that? The night started with us getting tattoos at "my tattoo shop." We walked in, considered it, and then decided "why not?" The tattoo artists made fun of us for how itty bitty teeny tiny our tattoos were, but to be honest, i feel pretty cool no matter how small they are ;)

After we thanked the tattoo artists for all their HARD work (psshh is took no longer than 5 minutes) The girls and i headed to the Hard Rock to a little hookah place. It is true, hookah tasted yummy. There was a show, provided by 2 really awesome belly dancers, one of which ate fire while balancing a sword on her head. (ok maybe not the two at the same time, but she did do it seperatly) We ordered falafels and had a blast. :)

Finally, for the cherry on top, we went to Club Madonna's. Supposedly the hottest strip club on south beach, but it was LAME. It is a lot smaller than what you think and the dancers don't know what they are doing. There was only one that my friends and i did not get a good laugh from, and that was Brown Suga'. She was flipping and twisting and doing all these crazy tricks like there was no tomorrow, all while wearing 6 inch stripper heels. I was impressed :)

We got home around four o' clock only to search for an open Mcdonalds (who apparently dont have the dollar menu on their late night menu. schvat?) and eat!! We finally went to bed at 6, by that time, everyone was bambooshed and tired. Some wild night..

Oh there are no pictures because no one thought of bringing a camera :/ what is that?

Monday, June 15, 2009

...And the living is easy..

Maybe a little TOO easy. Summertime, almost every one's favorite time of the year, the weather is great, kids take a break from school, and majority of America hits the gym. Yes, summer is a great season, unless you live in South Florida. Summer=Heat Stroke down here, and majority of the tourists don't seem to get that :/ Just now i decided to enjoy the beautiful view my mom's apartment has to offer and i got rained out after 5 minutes. Lovely. It's like the rain knows what you plan to do for the day and it's only mission is to ruin those plans. :) Gotta love summer. <3

No but seriously, summer is a great time, you get to hang out with friends you dont often and its the perfect time to relax, to take life one step at a time. You have all the time in the world!! (Until you go back to work/school) You can read books you have been meaning to read, train a puppy, or a favorite, get into shape. Yes summer in South Florida can be a beautiful time, up until 3:00 pm. So enjoy it while you can :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Facebook Username Countdown!

It was like New Year's all over again, only hold the sparkling apple cider and the poppers. It was a countdown like no other, the nerves building up as the time went down :) I was there, watching the timer, just to get the username i wanted, just to beat all the other 70 Catalina Garcia's out there. It finally came down to 30 seconds, time to prep. TIMES UP! phew, success. The name that i wanted is now mine :D

Friday, June 12, 2009


Just trying to figure out how this email linking works :)

Ethos Water.

I haven't updated my blog in quite a while, so im not too sure what to write about? I am currently at my mom's house in miami beach, taking care of my crazy puppy. The pro's to being here are the great view from my mom's apartment, Charley, and spend more time with my mom. The con's: I'm uber far from all my friends and my job, so no one wants to come visit me :(

My friend Kinti on the other hand is a different story, she slept over and i showed her my mom's new apartment and Lincoln Road and it was fun. This morning we went to starbucks for breakfast and they had cheese!! Yum! So i decided to have that and a bottle of water, but the water is so EXPENSIVE. I figured, ok whatever, it's for a good cause. Then I read the back of the label and its says "for every bottle purchased, starbucks will donate .05 cents for clean water to children in Africa" FIVE CENTS?? seriously? For a 2.50 bottle of water.. cheapos. Thats my story for the day, if I figure out something else to write about, I shall update again :)

(oh and sorry for never finishing the Europe blog, we had to pay for internet in the hotel in London, and then i just got lazy <3)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 6: One more reason why i belong in Paris :)


Today, we went shopping for souvenirs and little things for us. :) It was quite lovely, we walked by some of the most expensive boutiques in the world, and it was nice to just look (not.) We walked by the hotel that Lady Di left the night she died, it was EXTREMELY fancy. (The Ritz, for those of you who don't know) Once we passed all the expensive boutiques, we finally got to normal people stores! :) My favorite brown bag from H&M officially broke, so thankfully there was another H&M down the block, so i bought a new bag, jeje (it was a necessity!!), along with a pair of flats. (i couldn't resist, they were calling my name and only ten euros!) I love H&M, too bad it is like NON-EXISTENT in Miami. :/ and you can't even shop online... :'(

Besides the bag and shoes, i bought a few souvenirs for friends and family, and a few more posters for myself. :) That was pretty much my last day in Paris, simply shopping. I'm really going to miss Paris, im getting kind of sad just talking about leaving. BUT...

Tomorrow I'm off to London bright and early. :) Very excited to meet the queen and john's family again. :)

Ok, im off to pack.. :'(

OH WAIT! I couldnt leave paris without buying Vogue and Elle. jeje :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 4 & 5:Live Like French Royalty

Once again i have fallen behind in my posts, its just that we always get home late and i am way too tired to go online and organize pictures and what not. So here I am, writing on the weirdest keyboard i have yet to write on (its french, and i am sure that john would enjoy it ;]) *anyways, back to paris. Yesterday, i felt very much at home because we visited the palace of versailles :) home sweet home!

Today, we went to the Louvre, which was absolutely amazing. I saw La Joconde (Mona Lisa) it was pretty cool. :) you have to stand like 10 feet away from it, and its behind a bullet proof glass and has 3 security guards on each side! talk about protection. I really wanted to see the girl with the pearl earring, but the guy said it was not in the Louvre, it was somewhere in Holland! :/ But they did have a poster of it, so i bought that instead :) BUT they did have Hammurabi's Code (the original) which was cool, it reminded me of summer painting at school. They also had the painting that i had to copy onto the school walls for the french revolution, which i thought was soo cool. I told my uncle that i painted that and he was like SERIOUSLY?! JUST LIKE THAT?! and i said obviously it did not come out like the original! but its pretty decent :D

So, no pictures for this post, sorry guys. My camera is charging. :/ What im planning is having a post of just my favorite pictures of the trip :) so look out for it :D

Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 2 and 3: Nutella and Banana Crepes, YUM!

Yes, i am combining 2 days into one post! Its just that i was falling behind on my days:posts ratio so i decided to cheat a little! :D

Day 2 was an interesting day. We started off with the modern part of Paris (La Defense, it's like the wall street of paris)

It's the only part of Paris where you are allowed to build tall buildings and skyscrapers. It was beautiful. The guy who came up with it wanted to build an arc like the Arc de Triomphe, but he wanted it in line with it and Champs-Elysees. Directly in line. And it just so happens that it falls in line with the Louvre as well. In La Defense, there is this tiny little man-mad pond where if you looked one way, it was Champs-Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe and the other way was the Grande Arche.

After La Defense, we decided to go shopping, but since it was Easter Sunday, EVERYTHING was closed :'( Instead, we went to Montmartre, where La Vie Boheme was born. Also the home of the Basilica of The Sacre Coeur

Back in WWII, Hitler wanted to invade France (well he did, but, anyways) so of course since Montmartre is the highest point in Paris (since it's flat), he decided to attack it. He ordered for 13 bombs to fall on and around The Basilica and Montmartre, and all 13 exploded, but not one did any damage to the people or the buildings!! (how cool!) *On Montmartre is the painters quarter, so we had dinner there and all the painters were so cute. Picture Paris in the movies, take out the eiffel tower and VOILA! the painters plaza.

I saw a crepe stand and i was quite hungry, so i bought a nutella and of course, banana crepe which was fantabulous! Our restaurant for dinner was very typical french and the waiters were dressed up in funny outfits, but i was upset because they didn't let us take a picture. They said they were too busy. which they were, but a picture takes 2 seconds.*Once we finished with dinner, we went to the red light district of Paris to see the Moulin Rouge, the walk to the Moulin Rouge was interesting and i decided not to take pictures because it was a little too XXX for me :). To get into the Moulin Rouge is 150 euros (minimum!) Thats almost $300!!

Day 3 was not to bad, quite relaxing actually. We started off with a stroll/nap/picnic in one of the most beautiful places i have ever seen, the park of Luxembourg, which was built by queen Maria de' Medici, who was exiled from Italy, became depressed, and built a "tiny" (NAT) palace with a "tiny garden," which today is known as the park. It's so peacuful, the birds are always chirping and there are play sailboats on the lake and fountains and statues EVERYWHERE! Picture the most beautiful park ever, with people reading on the grass and REAL grass, and that is this park :)

After the park, we headed off on foot to Notre Dame (at this point my camera died, so i saved battery life for 1 picture in notre dame, so no pics of the beautiful walk there :'( ) But Notre Dame looks just like it does in the movies, only 5,ooo tourists and much bigger in person.
Looking up at it makes you feel like an ant :/ But it was gorgeous. After dinner, i saw yet another crepe stand and said why not? So once again, i bought another crepe with nutella and banana. YUMMM!!!

J'aime Paris :)

5 reasons why i belong in Paris (NOT Miami)

1)Beautiful Views/buildings/people everywhere you go.

2)Great Food!


4)Appreciation for good fashion.

5)Cheese. (need i say more?)

All Paris needs is John and my life will be complete. <3 (and maybe a few good friends as well. Oh wait! And Charley because everyone has a dog here!)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 1:French soft-serve.

So, my first day in Paris was busy, busy, busy. And i shall start from the begining, so basically in chronological order. :) First, we had a typical french breakfast at the convent, baguette with butter and jam ( i had an egg because bread just wasnt enough). FRESH french bread. <3>

After breakfast, we headed off to catch the bus to Champs-Elysees, which was close to the Grand <-- Palais and the Petit Palais. (pictures pictures pictures!) Both were absolutely beautiful (Both were built as an exhibition hall) A block down the 2 palais' we walked across the beautiful bridge of Alexander III of Russia, Pont Alexander III. From there is one of the most spectacular views in Paris (the first picture on top was taken there) We walked across the bridge to Hotel Des Invalides, which was built by Louis XIV as a place to rest for his war veterans. There, we went to the chapel and saw Napoleon Bonaparte's tomb. (from the back of course because we weren't going to pay 8 euros to see a tomb :/)

By the time we got out of the tomb/chapel, it was 11:30 and we were invited to lunch at 12:00 by the head priest of the house back at the convent. Lunch was cute :) thats the only word to describe it. All the priests and friars were so old :D the average age was from 70-97! jinkees!

Post lunch, we met up with our friends again at the Eiffel Tower. The line was UBER long! While i waited, i bought some french twist soft-serve, which i must say is much better than american. We planned to go all the way to the top but apparently the top level was closed due to renovations of the elevator. There was a line for everything! Even to get off the Eiffel Tower. Afterward, we took a stroll down a park and came to the spot where princess diana's car crashed. It was very very sad. On top of the tunnel, people wrote all sorts of notes in all different languages, and reading all of them gave me this feeling of... i don't know. It was eerie, and i have to admit i did get a bit sad.
At that point, our stomachs were wombling louder than ever, so we looked for dinner. We walked out of 2 cafe's because the first was too expensive and the second was closing in 10 minutes! Finally we found this cute little restaurant and decided to eat there. It was about 9:30, and we quickly back to the eiffel tower to see the light show that goes on every hour (at night of course) on the hour. It was quite lovely <3 style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 150px; height: 200px;" src="" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5323947594363851810" border="0"> Finally, a stroll through Champs-Elysees on our way back to the convent :)

P.S.- I know I am a day behind, but Im busy exploring Paris :)

P.S.S.- The skittles here taste different:/

Friday, April 10, 2009

When in Paris, do as the Romans...?

Our first day here was pretty cool. I got to wear my new coat, although it is a bit big on me it doesnt matter :) As soon as we walked out to Rue des Champ Elysees, my camera decides to die.... RIP camera, no charger for me in paris. :( So here we are, walking down one of the most beautiful streets in the world, and i don't have a camera. I was pretty bummed the whole way down the "rue" (street in french) then to top it all off, we eat pizza? My first meal in paris and we eat pizza? I could have gone to Rome for that. I didn't order anything because i wasn't hungry either way. We had haagen dazs afterward and that cheered me up because i got to order in french. :)
Then my uncle pulls out a miracle!
He says:"there is an electronic store 2 blocks down"
Me:*jaw drops*
Uncle:"Let's go"
(20 minutes later)
Me:*walks out with a camera charger*

yes. :)

Well, that was my first day, hope you are enjoying my trip as much as i am. No pictures just yet, but tomorrow for sure!

Au Revoir

frogs eveywhere!

i thought it was a cute picture :)

(ignore the french suck part, except for john)


I just woke up IN PARIS! Talk about a beautiful city, many tourists, but hey, its Paris! The plane ride was about 7 hours long :/ UGH! ;) It was friday when we arrived and there is 6 hour time difference. JET LAG! I watched House M.D. (they played the season that is currently on tv back home, i saw the episode with the man holding house hostage, the emancipated 16yr old and the body trainer lady) When we first got off the plane, we had to wait for my uncle to come and pick us up and he took almost 2 hours because the metro is not working, but he made it and we had to take the bus (which also took forever to arrive!! I also got my first smell of a stinky frenchmen. UGH!) The bus ride in itself was really long but i got to see the city and all its wonders :D


The convent where i am staying at (yes my uncle is a priest but don't judge a book by its cover! he is quite young and tons of fun to be around) is absolutely gorgeous. I felt like Esmeralda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame walking up to the convent doors, but don't let the building deceive you, it is quite modern with electronic keys and sliding doors and wi-fi and what not :) I get my own room and it is actually pretty nice. The only if-y thing is that we have to share a bathroom with the whole hallway, but its only us and some other priests visiting i believe (and nuns) but no big deal! It's like dorm life with no studies! This is like my ULTIMATE test for my french II class, forget the final!

No pictures just yet, because all I've done is sleep and shower. I FORGOT MY CAMERA CHARGER!!!

I'm off to walk around in PARIS! Ill post back with more pictures later.

Au revoir ;)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I'm off to Paris tomorrow with my new coat. 

I'm Excited :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Twitter :)

So i kept hearing all this talk about twitter and "do you tweet?" and demi moore with her twitter account, so i decided to open one for myself :) On twitter i am catagarcia, so if you have one look me up => Also i might open a facebook account, so if i do i shall let you know ;)

So the scariest feeling i think is being pulled over by the police at night when you have a clean record. Let's say its around 11:00 o'clock, you just got off work, you accidentally make a wrong turn on to a dirt road, and as you start to leave, you see the red, white, and blue light start to flash.

oh no.

The officer is rude to you, curses at you a couple of times saying what the eff are you doing here, and all you can do is shake because you have never been in such a situation... you start to cry...

then you wake up and realize it was just a bad dream! *phew*

or was it...? (muajaja)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ma Famille

is here from Colombia and it's their first time in Miami. We took them out to Lincoln Road and treated them to some pizza rustica. yumm! It was quite a scene because they looked like tourists amazed at everything here. One of the waiters there had a rainbow of weave in her hair and they could NOT believe that she did that. My cousin and i counted 8 colors. 8! either way i got some great shots of them :)

Spring Break :)

So now that I am on Spring Break i actually have time to update my blog. What a lovely feeling :)

Monday, February 2, 2009


Today was the first day i had to leave my AP government class to use the restroom. The door to my classroom is parallel to a door to a bathroom. So as usual, i had my head in the clouds and just walked right in. I noticed the bathroom looked different and the stalls were missing doors. Then out of the corner of my eye, i noticed there a man facing the wall in the reflection of the mirror. That's when it occurred to me.... i had walked into the men's room!

I gasped and skipped out as fast as i could. :) I really hope no one saw me!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Pictures i found on my camera that i thought were nice enough to share :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

I have a Charley!

I have a new puppy :) AT LAST! His name is currently brownie, which is what the humane society named him, but he is a tan-like color and looks nothing like a brownie, so I am going to name him Charley. He is a Labrador Retriever mix and only 4 months old. He's cute and playful, and a little chubby. I'm so excited! We picked him up from the shelter today at 10:00 am. He's been a cutie sweetie ever since. I really think it was love at first tail wag ;]

*on the car ride home*
I was trying to get a decent picture of him, but he was so hyper and jumpy and happy to be out of his kennel that he kept moving too much! Maybe I'll use the pets and kids option on my camera next time :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

no luck.

So, I went to the humane society and the flat coated retriever ( who i had already named shadow) ended up being taken back by the original owners ( who ABANDONED him) >:( I was quite upset, and still am. Hopefully, I'll have more luck today :D

Friday, January 16, 2009


Yesterday was my birthday. :) It was probably one of the best birthdays I have ever had. I took my semester finals in school, then headed straight to the humane society of broward county where John said I can pick any puppy as a gift from him. I found 2 that I absolutely fell in love with. One is named panda and he is an all black flat- coated retriever mix, while the other is named lucy, and she is a golden retriever. I am going back today to see which one I am taking home. After the shelter, I went to Benihanas with my mom. They gave us free ice cream <3 yumm! My birthday was simple, but nice. I shall update later today with my new puppy!