Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 2 and 3: Nutella and Banana Crepes, YUM!

Yes, i am combining 2 days into one post! Its just that i was falling behind on my days:posts ratio so i decided to cheat a little! :D

Day 2 was an interesting day. We started off with the modern part of Paris (La Defense, it's like the wall street of paris)

It's the only part of Paris where you are allowed to build tall buildings and skyscrapers. It was beautiful. The guy who came up with it wanted to build an arc like the Arc de Triomphe, but he wanted it in line with it and Champs-Elysees. Directly in line. And it just so happens that it falls in line with the Louvre as well. In La Defense, there is this tiny little man-mad pond where if you looked one way, it was Champs-Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe and the other way was the Grande Arche.

After La Defense, we decided to go shopping, but since it was Easter Sunday, EVERYTHING was closed :'( Instead, we went to Montmartre, where La Vie Boheme was born. Also the home of the Basilica of The Sacre Coeur

Back in WWII, Hitler wanted to invade France (well he did, but, anyways) so of course since Montmartre is the highest point in Paris (since it's flat), he decided to attack it. He ordered for 13 bombs to fall on and around The Basilica and Montmartre, and all 13 exploded, but not one did any damage to the people or the buildings!! (how cool!) *On Montmartre is the painters quarter, so we had dinner there and all the painters were so cute. Picture Paris in the movies, take out the eiffel tower and VOILA! the painters plaza.

I saw a crepe stand and i was quite hungry, so i bought a nutella and of course, banana crepe which was fantabulous! Our restaurant for dinner was very typical french and the waiters were dressed up in funny outfits, but i was upset because they didn't let us take a picture. They said they were too busy. which they were, but a picture takes 2 seconds.*Once we finished with dinner, we went to the red light district of Paris to see the Moulin Rouge, the walk to the Moulin Rouge was interesting and i decided not to take pictures because it was a little too XXX for me :). To get into the Moulin Rouge is 150 euros (minimum!) Thats almost $300!!

Day 3 was not to bad, quite relaxing actually. We started off with a stroll/nap/picnic in one of the most beautiful places i have ever seen, the park of Luxembourg, which was built by queen Maria de' Medici, who was exiled from Italy, became depressed, and built a "tiny" (NAT) palace with a "tiny garden," which today is known as the park. It's so peacuful, the birds are always chirping and there are play sailboats on the lake and fountains and statues EVERYWHERE! Picture the most beautiful park ever, with people reading on the grass and REAL grass, and that is this park :)

After the park, we headed off on foot to Notre Dame (at this point my camera died, so i saved battery life for 1 picture in notre dame, so no pics of the beautiful walk there :'( ) But Notre Dame looks just like it does in the movies, only 5,ooo tourists and much bigger in person.
Looking up at it makes you feel like an ant :/ But it was gorgeous. After dinner, i saw yet another crepe stand and said why not? So once again, i bought another crepe with nutella and banana. YUMMM!!!

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