Friday, April 10, 2009


I just woke up IN PARIS! Talk about a beautiful city, many tourists, but hey, its Paris! The plane ride was about 7 hours long :/ UGH! ;) It was friday when we arrived and there is 6 hour time difference. JET LAG! I watched House M.D. (they played the season that is currently on tv back home, i saw the episode with the man holding house hostage, the emancipated 16yr old and the body trainer lady) When we first got off the plane, we had to wait for my uncle to come and pick us up and he took almost 2 hours because the metro is not working, but he made it and we had to take the bus (which also took forever to arrive!! I also got my first smell of a stinky frenchmen. UGH!) The bus ride in itself was really long but i got to see the city and all its wonders :D


The convent where i am staying at (yes my uncle is a priest but don't judge a book by its cover! he is quite young and tons of fun to be around) is absolutely gorgeous. I felt like Esmeralda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame walking up to the convent doors, but don't let the building deceive you, it is quite modern with electronic keys and sliding doors and wi-fi and what not :) I get my own room and it is actually pretty nice. The only if-y thing is that we have to share a bathroom with the whole hallway, but its only us and some other priests visiting i believe (and nuns) but no big deal! It's like dorm life with no studies! This is like my ULTIMATE test for my french II class, forget the final!

No pictures just yet, because all I've done is sleep and shower. I FORGOT MY CAMERA CHARGER!!!

I'm off to walk around in PARIS! Ill post back with more pictures later.

Au revoir ;)

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