Friday, April 10, 2009

When in Paris, do as the Romans...?

Our first day here was pretty cool. I got to wear my new coat, although it is a bit big on me it doesnt matter :) As soon as we walked out to Rue des Champ Elysees, my camera decides to die.... RIP camera, no charger for me in paris. :( So here we are, walking down one of the most beautiful streets in the world, and i don't have a camera. I was pretty bummed the whole way down the "rue" (street in french) then to top it all off, we eat pizza? My first meal in paris and we eat pizza? I could have gone to Rome for that. I didn't order anything because i wasn't hungry either way. We had haagen dazs afterward and that cheered me up because i got to order in french. :)
Then my uncle pulls out a miracle!
He says:"there is an electronic store 2 blocks down"
Me:*jaw drops*
Uncle:"Let's go"
(20 minutes later)
Me:*walks out with a camera charger*

yes. :)

Well, that was my first day, hope you are enjoying my trip as much as i am. No pictures just yet, but tomorrow for sure!

Au Revoir

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