Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 4 & 5:Live Like French Royalty

Once again i have fallen behind in my posts, its just that we always get home late and i am way too tired to go online and organize pictures and what not. So here I am, writing on the weirdest keyboard i have yet to write on (its french, and i am sure that john would enjoy it ;]) *anyways, back to paris. Yesterday, i felt very much at home because we visited the palace of versailles :) home sweet home!

Today, we went to the Louvre, which was absolutely amazing. I saw La Joconde (Mona Lisa) it was pretty cool. :) you have to stand like 10 feet away from it, and its behind a bullet proof glass and has 3 security guards on each side! talk about protection. I really wanted to see the girl with the pearl earring, but the guy said it was not in the Louvre, it was somewhere in Holland! :/ But they did have a poster of it, so i bought that instead :) BUT they did have Hammurabi's Code (the original) which was cool, it reminded me of summer painting at school. They also had the painting that i had to copy onto the school walls for the french revolution, which i thought was soo cool. I told my uncle that i painted that and he was like SERIOUSLY?! JUST LIKE THAT?! and i said obviously it did not come out like the original! but its pretty decent :D

So, no pictures for this post, sorry guys. My camera is charging. :/ What im planning is having a post of just my favorite pictures of the trip :) so look out for it :D

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