Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Twitter :)

So i kept hearing all this talk about twitter and "do you tweet?" and demi moore with her twitter account, so i decided to open one for myself :) On twitter i am catagarcia, so if you have one look me up => Also i might open a facebook account, so if i do i shall let you know ;)

So the scariest feeling i think is being pulled over by the police at night when you have a clean record. Let's say its around 11:00 o'clock, you just got off work, you accidentally make a wrong turn on to a dirt road, and as you start to leave, you see the red, white, and blue light start to flash.

oh no.

The officer is rude to you, curses at you a couple of times saying what the eff are you doing here, and all you can do is shake because you have never been in such a situation... you start to cry...

then you wake up and realize it was just a bad dream! *phew*

or was it...? (muajaja)

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