Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oh.. Baby...?

I felt like i was just slapped in the face with a bear hat. On my defense, everyone has had the same reaction. I received the lovely new yesterday, (im actually not sure if it's lovely yet?) that my father and his girlfriend are pregnant, mind you my parents divorced almost 3 years ago. Yes a bit soon, but my father's time clock is ticking.

Shocking isnt it? At least to me it is. As an only child and at the age of nineteen, i had accepted that i will never have any siblings and will always and forever be an only child. Well, quite a change in plans, don't you agree? I am going to have a half sister, or brother, sibling i suppose, who is going to be much younger than i. Not exactly how i pictured having a younger sibling when i was 11. Now, please don't get me wrong, i'm happy for my dad and his girlfriend, this is all just a bit shocking.

I'm at the point in my life where i am beginning to spread my wings and leave the comfort of the nest, starting my own life, when now, i have a baby sibling tying me down? boo. I'm really not one for diaper changes ( i cant even properly spell diaper without spell check). My dad says that I will always be his little girl, but even at my age I can't help but feel a bit of competition. He kept saying how he is going to take advantage and do everything with this baby that he never did with me (camping..?) so yes i do feel a bit threatened by such a new life.

My family always said (jokingly of course) that i was getting much too old and they were going to trade me in for someone younger, well there you go.

Yay....? Baby!....? I'm not sure how i feel about it yet, happy for my lovely and loving father yes, but, im just still in quite a state of shock. D: I do promise to treat it right and love it, but let me have some time to adjust. Ultimate plot twist in the winding story of my life. x

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