Friday, January 15, 2010

Let's Celebrate

Today marks the nineteenth year of my existence. How exciting this year will be for me. Last night i found myself feeling nervous, excited, anxious, grateful, the list goes on. Though sometimes it can be rough, life is wonderful and beautiful.

I came to realize this year is going to be huge for me. Working 2 jobs while attending school, Berklee auditions and ending my life in this city and moving to something bigger and better. Apartment searching, transportation learning, i will be quite a busy bee. All to pursue my dream of music.

And where will one be without the support of the people that love you, friends and family? If there is one thing i learned, its that they will always be there for you no matter how difficult and impossible things get. You may shut them out, but once you open your doors again, they will be there, sleeping on your welcome mat.

This nineteenth year comes with a lot of experience, wisdom, and hard work, both behind and ahead of me. I can't wait to live every minute of it. Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Congratulations Queen Elizabeth I. xx

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