Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dare I say it?

hipster (n.)- young, recently settles urban adults and teenagers with interest in non-mainstream fashion, culture, and music. Hipster is a label that should not be uttered from your very lips if you have any sense of pride and vain. Yet when did i become- dare i say it- a hipster (shudder)?

This very concept has come falling on the my lap twice, coincidentally, in the same place; Dairy Queen. My first encounter with being called a hipster came from a fragile, a bit senile, old lady who bared the accent of a Brooklyn-er. She noticed my Valou ring as i was handing her her change from an overpriced blizzard, that could possibly cause her to have her heart clogged with just one bite, when she recited "Oh you hipsters and your quirky jewelery", at least something along those lines. I though nothing of it and took it neither as a compliment nor insult.

My second brush with such word came but merely two days ago, when the brightness of two pre-teen girls dressed in nothing but abercrombie nearly made me go blind. The aura that these two girls had made me just want to ralph all over their over priced, name brand shirt. They gave me a look of disgust as i was wearing my granny glasses (<3) while serving them. "Bimbos" i thought to myself. Although the "h" word was never said, it was very implied by their glares.

When did i become such a thing? I use to go bonkers by merely walking by stores like hollister and A&F, not to mention walking in. And now the mere thought of those dark, smelly stores make me want to quiver from disgust. They are just walking clones, wearing tiffany charm necklaces and sporting the same shirt in 4 different colors. No thank you.

At dinner last night, my friend confirmed my suspicions when i asked her and her reply was a very blunt "you are."Lovely. Either way, i am who i am (not what). Now i'm off to find something really deck. x


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