Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Gifts...

Ok, so I am stuck. I don't know what to do this time of year. ßI love christmas time, don't get me wrong! It is simply the work of trying to figure out what to give everyone for christmas. And the worst part is that i only have 70 dollars to spend.... What should I do? Maybe I can just get everyone macaroni frames.=p

Yesterday, I tried to go thrifting, and all of my favorite shops were closed >:( , which doesn't help my christmas situation. I could really use some pie to cheer me up right now, OR A GAME OF CATCH PHRASE! Best game ever made!!! :D

So the other day, I decided to get creative with my room. I felt like I needed more color and not so much beige. I put up 2 hook-type things on my wall and tied an old shoelace in between them. From there, I hung all my scarves!! It looks so cool and quite convenient seeing as how it is right next to the door.

I was inspired by a downy commercial. You know the one where a lady is hanging her sheets outside and they are blowing in the wind? And the little downy bear is giggling and watching her? That one :)

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