Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sitting in bed, just created a blog

I just created my first blog! I'm uberrr excited :) I've always wanted one! (*jumps in the air and clicks heels together*) So a little bit about myself is appropriate I suppose? Well, my FULL name is Catalina Garcia Padilla Gomez Ordonez, but I like to stick with just Catalina. My friends call me Cata, so feel free if you'd like. :) I work at Dairy Queen >:/ and absolutly detest it!!!!! Its gross and customers are uber picky. My dream job would be working at lucky brand... but I am simply waiting for an opening. ;) I am a very smiley person and a singer. Music for the win WOOT!

I have a love of my life that goes by the name of john kett <3 onblur="try href=">

Of course that would be me, on the left :)

Let's see, have I forgotten anything? Music, John, smiley...... Oh WAIT! Pushing Daisies is the best show on Earth!! ( does anyone else crave pie after watching it?) :D

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